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Travel Tips

How does a travel agent save you money?

Many people think it costs more to use a travel agent. The reality is that the majority of our services are FREE. We are an extension of the supplier and not a middle man. We are paid by our suppliers. It doesn’t cost you less to go direct to a supplier or cruise line. Often it will cost you more and you won’t get the same service. We have thousands of negotiated rates that the suppliers’ reservationists don’t have access to.

Contrary to popular belief, travel agents book 80% of all travel. We have:

  • Product and destination knowledge

  • We match you with the right product at the right price

  • We are an unbiased source for product comparisons

  • We do problem resolution and re-pricing

Making your own reservations online? Your numbers are declining every year while the use of travel agents is growing by leaps and bounds. The average person spends over a week of time planning a vacation online and makes over 32 visits to over 10 websites. An IBM study shows that 50% of online travel buyers don’t feel that they got their money’s worth. You have to ask yourself what is the value of your time and your precious vacation dollars?

It’s simple. Develop a relationship with a travel agent and reap the rewards of working with an expert and no stress travel planning. Your CPA, attorney and financial planner manage your assets. A good travel agent manages your travel experiences for a life time.