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Travel Tips

When people start planning a vacation, they often overlook one of the most important parts of the process: trip cancellation and interruption insurance. Nobody ever wants to think of what might go wrong before or during their trip. The reality is that with tour and cruise cancellation penalties you can lose all your money should something unforeseen happen to you or your family. Statistically, seniors and children (including grandchildren) are the greatest risks for cancellation.

The best way to look at travel insurance is that you are insuring your hard earned vacation money. Medicare and Medicaid offer extremely limited (if any) coverage outside the United States. Insurance coverage costs approximately 10% of the value of your trip.

Trip insurance coverage has become so important that some countries may not allow you to enter without proof of insurance. A good trip insurance policy should cover the following:

  • Trip cancellation and interruption

  • Pre-existing conditions

  • Trip interruption

  • Accident and Sickness Medical Expense

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation and repatriation of remains

Most tour and cruise companies offer insurance. There are many other insurance companies and credit cards that offer coverage. Be smart and compare coverages. No matter what…Take Trip Insurance and have peace of mind.