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Become a Savvy Shopper

In order to be a savvy shopper when it comes to planning and buying your next vacation, there is a great deal of information you need to know. The avalanche of new products, the complexity of the offers and huge amount of information available on the internet can make vacation planning a stressful full time job.

In planning a cruise alone, every cruise line, ship and itinerary is different. There are over 250 ships to choose from and 97 new ships scheduled for delivery between 2017-2025. In the lodging sector, there are currently 1400 new hotels under construction. How can anyone make good judgments on their own?

Many people still think the internet is the answer. The average person spends over a week planning a vacation online making 32 visits to over 10 websites. An IBM study revealed that fewer than 50% of people booking online feel they’re getting their money’s worth. In 2017, internet travel buying was down 58%. Those people left and went to a travel agent. The internet is a great place to shop but not to buy travel.

Call a travel agent to get the care and advice you are looking for. You’ll save time and money.

About the Author: John Krieger is a nationally recognized expert, author and speaker on all aspects of the vacation travel industry. His company, CTC Travel in North Dallas has been a leader in vacation travel since 1987.