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What you can do to prevent falls

Many falls can be prevented.  By making changes you can lower your risk of falling.  There are four things that you can do to prevent falls:

1: Exercise to improve balance and strength.

2: speak with your healthcare provider to review your medicines. 

3: get your vision checked

4: make your home safer.


Exercise to improve strength and balance.  Exercise that makes your legs stronger lowers your chance of falling.  It also helps you feel better and more confident. Lack of exercise leads to weakness and falls.  If your legs are weak it makes it much more difficult to get up again.  This leads to your family and friends to worry about you and your safety in your own home or apartment.  Check with your doctor to see what exercise is best for you.  Start off gradually. 


Review your medications.  Sit down with a pharmacist or doctor and review all your medicines, even over the counter ones.  As we get older the body changes how it reacts to some meds.  Some combinations of meds can cause drowsiness, dizziness and make you fall.  

Have your vision checked regularly.  Changes in medications, environment can cause the eyes to dry out which can blur the vision, making it hard to see obstacles in our path or steps.  

Cataracts and glaucoma are two other conditions that effect the eyes. 


Make your home safer.  About half of all falls happen at home.  Remove things that you can trip over such as throw rugs, shoes laying around or books in front of the stairs.  Keep a clean path to the restroom for night use.  Darkened hallways, corners can cause falls.  Use night lights to make a path to show you the way.  Have grab bars installed in the tub and by the toilet.  Non slip mats around wet areas, showers, tubs can help too. 


Falls are the main reason people lose their independence.  Stay healthy and safe.


Mobility Plus of Sugar Land has several products to help make you safer at home.  Walk in showers, stair lifts, lift chairs, ramps, scooters and power chairs.  We help you with aging in place.  Stay in your own home longer, safer, more independently.  


***source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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