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Unlocking the Secret to Successful Aging

The key to successful aging is not the sum of individual accomplishments, but rather what one does to successfully maximize lifestyle, including diet, exercise and socialization

For decades, psychologists have been working to unlock the secret to successful aging and to determine how to define happiness in later life. It turns out that it’s not the sum of individual accomplishments that counts, but rather what one does to successfully maximize lifestyle.

“People can mistakenly measure success by their living situation, such as living at home versus in an assisted living community, but it is more about embracing a lifestyle that maximizes your best self,” said Beverly Sanborn, MSW, LCSW, gerontologist for Belmont Village Senior Living. “Being in a social environment and having a sense of purpose is key for successful aging is. If daily engagement is limited at home, it could quickly give way to isolation and withdrawal.”

The successful aging philosophy is the framework for Belmont Village’s innovative programming. Activities are therapeutic and incorporate a blend of mental fitness activities, socialization, a healthy diet and an exercise regimen of aerobic and strength-training, which research indicates can help to build new neuro-connections in the brain.

“Physical changes should not become an obstacle for successful aging,” said Sanborn. “It’s common to have a chronic condition, but one should not face this alone or remain in an environment that is isolated or lacks mental stimulation.”

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