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Slum Lord of Cowtown

Aficionados of Fort Worth and Tarrant County will enjoy a quick read book about one of Cowtown’s most colorful and eccentric entrepreneurial characters, the now-deceased Arthur “Art” Keim. The book, “Slum Lord,” was co-written by Keim and his even more famed wife, pianist, professional dancer  and Texas Trail of Fame member Jeanette  Keim, though the literary heavy lifting was done by Mrs. Keim.

Art Keim, while renovating properties in a now historical Fort Worth neighborhood south of downtown, was dubbed a “slum lord” by city bureaucrats. It was a title he embraced while generally winning assorted confrontations with the powers-that-be while keeping a consistent humorous (if sometimes confrontational) outlook in the process. Readers along the way will learn a bit about Fort Worth’s recent history, particularly  the landlord trials-and-tribulations business and the musical performance  game, along the way meeting an assortment of other colorful local characters.

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