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Gifted Hands does your Shopping for You
As the owner of a private care service, I have experienced many changes to the needs of our seniors.
Myself and the dedicated team with Gifted Hands does our best to provide a piece of mind to, not only our person in need, but the family as well.Whether that family lives close by our patient or not, many just do not have the time to do as much as they would like for their loved ones. We can help!
One example of this is grocery shopping and running errands that seem like a simlpe process to most but not so much for the senior in care. We tend to our patients with loving care and understand their medications and diet restrictions so it goes without saying that we can provide this service and take the stress away from the family and loved ones. We can pick up medications and help them meal planning & preparation while doing the shopping for them.
I actually love shopping so doing it for someone else is a joy to me!
Jessica Perez On Call 24 hours a day 361.739.5819