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Helpful Resources for Seniors

Whether you are a caregiver or a wise adult over 65 young years of age, this article is for you! 

No one can predict the future, nor their health, fortune or misfortune. Some additional challenges come with age. Preparing and planning for them in advance is always a great idea. Here are some resources collected especially for you and for those we love who are aging with us. 

You may click on the underlined links below to get more information for each program. 

  • Contact a HUD approved housing counselor if you have questions about your particular circumstances.

  • Adult day care provides care and companionship for Seniors who need help or supervision during the day.

  • Home care programs provide services to those who need some help, but do not require constant care.

  • provides information on the type of help you should look for and general advice on how to find and pay for it. 

  • The Home Health Compare section on supplies information on local home health agencies, including how well they care for their patients.

  • The National Institute on Aging (NIA) provides contact information for groups that have information for or help senior citizens. You may contact the NIA by email or call ( 1-800-222-2225) or TTY (1-800-222-4225).


Christina Spence is a regular contributor to several websites, newspapers, and magazines. She is part of JCA Freedom Homes, a family-owned business in the DFW area. She and her husband, James, assist Seniors who want to sell their home at a fair price. They also help Seniors who are starting a new chapter in their lives, whether that is moving closer to family, transitioning to assisted living, or traveling the country in a new RV. If you would like to talk with them about their services designed especially for Seniors, or if you know someone who might, please call them at: 469-336-3135, 7 days per week from 8am-10pm.