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CC Recycles: A Free New Mobile App

The City of Corpus Christi has launched its new mobile recycling app, CC Recycles, to make it even easier for residents to connect to their trash and recycling program. Replacing the old app with CC Recycles will provide the City with significant cost-savings while adding more customization, including the potential to integrate functions of CC Recycles with the City’s 311 application and social media accounts. This user-friendly app caters to the unique needs of our residents, offering a collection calendar, a search feature for waste disposal, and a game. You can access a desktop version of CC Recycles at or download it to your Apple or Android devices.

With CC Recycles, residents can effortlessly access their collection schedule by entering their address into the app. The app generates a customized collection calendar. Residents can print or download the collection schedule into popular calendar apps such as iCal, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook Calendar.

To enhance convenience, CC Recycles provides collection reminders. Residents may choose to receive reminders via email, phone, or in-app notifications. This ensures you will never miss a waste collection day again! In addition, the app allows residents to report problems with collection services or broken carts directly to the City.

The Waste Wizard search feature is an invaluable tool for residents to learn how to dispose of various items properly. Residents may search a material to find out if it can be reused, recycled, donated (when applicable), or other trash disposal methods. This promotes responsible recycling.

As an added benefit, residents can have fun and increase their recycling knowledge by playing the waste sorting game.

Stay connected with CC Recycles by downloading through the Play Store at or the Apple Store at