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Brookdale Success Story

I recently had the opportunity to work with  a gentleman who had been in the hospital since around Christmas of 2019 and due to multiple surgeries and complications had only recently been cleared to participate in therapy. He only had one week of post acute therapy before being discharged to home. At the time of the Occupational Therapy evaluation, he required max assist to transfer from the bed to the wheelchair and was dependent for ADLs except for self feeding. He was given a home exercises program, which he and his spouse continued doing them daily. At each home visit we would add a new self care task. He began to tolerate more time in activities before becoming fatigued. Eventually he was able to demonstrate independence with dressing and grooming. With energy conservation techniques training, use of adaptive devices, and caregiver education, patient progressed to cga level for transfers and was able to get into the shower. Finally, he advanced in his ability to get in and out of the car with assist from his wife. At time of discharge, patient related that he was looking forward to getting in the car and taking a drive to see what has changed in his city since he was hospitalized and looking forward to stopping for ice cream along the way. From bed-bound to ambulatory, this is a true Brookdale Success Story!