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Four major types of grief and how to cope

Young’s Daughters Funeral Home and Bereavement Center is based not only on a commitment of compassionate and personalized service to the families who trust us with their loved ones at the time of passing but also entrust us to fulfill our commitment to continue to serve all of the grieving family and friends for as long as it takes for them to gain their equilibrium after the shock of the death. Grieving and the sense of loss is different for every person and how they deal with and function in their daily life will be very different.

The four major types of loss that we grieve are:

Loss of identity – who are we without our deceased loved one

Loss of safety – who will take care of us whether it be due to a financial shift or a fear of living without the loved one

Loss of autonomy – how will we manage our own life and affairs without the deceased loved one

Loss of dreams or expectations – what happens to all the plans that were made together

These fears can be crippling for some individuals while others are able to return to their daily lives with a minimum of disruption. Whether a person is able to function well or not does not limit their need to travel the journey of loss. According to bereavement theorists, the stages of grief include shock and denial, pain and guilt, anger and bargaining, depression, and finally, acceptance and hope. Of course, not everyone progresses through all of these stages or in the same order or even requires the same length of time for healing. For example, the death of a child as opposed to a senior parent who has lived a long and full life usually results in a shorter journey to acceptance. But each person needs to make the journey and we want to do all we can to assist our families and friends through this. Therefore, we have begun our bereavement commitment with Grief Support groups including both our Compassionate Friends program, especially intended for those who have lost children or siblings, and our general Grief Support program which is inclusive of anyone who has suffered a loss. The schedule for these classes are listed below. We have a GriefShare group beginning shortly. GriefShare is a Christian based model which utilizes a video seminar followed by discussion and journaling workbook to aid in the understanding and clarifying of the grieving process. Also, we have a Widow and Widower Social Club which meets monthly at a variety of settings to aid those who have lost their partners to begin making new friends. Our 365 Day Grief Share message is a free daily inspirational text that we hope will console and inspire you as you grief the loss of your loved one.

We also have events such as Balloon Release honoring the children we have lost in association with the national Compassionate Friends organization. Call our office at 254-401-1302 for this year’s scheduled event. It will be held at the funeral home and hope you can all join us. The national association for Compassionate Friends has an annual convention which we believe is unbelievably healing for all families and individuals who choose to attend. The variety of event seminars and speakers are instrumental in beginning or continuing the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual recovery after a loss. Call our office at 254-401-1302 for this year’s schedule. We hope you will join us there.

Our Walk to Remember last December honoring all of our deceased loved ones was greatly embraced by our families. It will be held the 2ndSunday of December annually. Memorial placards are made of the deceased with messages of love from the family and placed on the pathway. At sunset we offer a prayer and then begin our candlelit walk through the park honoring our deceased loved ones. If you would like to join us this year, please contact the funeral home at 254-401-1302 for more information.

Our annual President’s Memorial Certificate Banquet is held to honor our military members who have passed through a public recognition of their service and a banquet for their families. Any military member who has not been honored with a memorial certificate signed by the President of the United States is welcome to contact our office at 254-401-1302 regardless of the years served and they will be included in our celebration.

We have plans for many more group and individual activities and events to help our families and friends through their grief journey when our Bereavement Center is built. We are anticipating to construction beginning by the end of the year if all goes according to plan. We also welcome any ideas you might have to add to our bereavement activities and programs.