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5 tips for helping caregivers and older loved ones enjoy the holidays

For caregivers, the pressure of decorating, cooking and shopping can be overwhelming while keeping up with the regular chores and appointments that keep their loved one safe and comfortable. 

Kimberly Knight, Director of the Caregiver Support Program, offers these tips to make the holidays a little easier: 


Tip 1: Start new traditions.  

Instead of recreating a past perfect holiday, choose activities that will be enjoyable for you and your loved one now.  


Tip 2: Keep it simple. 

Decorations don’t need to be fussy to be festive.  


Tip 3: Consider a Holiday potluck. 

Don’t do all the cooking. Allow family and friends to bring their favorite dishes.  


Tip 4: Plan ahead. 

Think about what you might need in advance, including accommodations like space in the fridge for medications and a predetermining quiet space. “This is especially helpful if the person has dementia,” she says. “Sometimes, being around a lot of people can be overwhelming, but access to a quiet room can make it a little better.” 


Tip 5: Don’t neglect yourself.  

Take time for yourself to rest, rejuvenate and do something you like.”  

If you have a caregiver in your life and you’re looking for the perfect gift, she says time likely tops their wish list. Consider volunteering to sit with the older adult and offer the caregiver a little time off.  

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