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Winter Dry Skin

As we near the holidays, the weather is cooling off and the days become darker earlier. The leaves are changing, and Starbucks is advertising pumpkin and cinnamon-flavored beverages. Thanksgiving and holiday decorations are popping up everywhere.

With all of these changes, our skin can become dry and sometimes dryness can lead to irritation, or even an actual rash. If that happens, see a dermatologist. However, dry skin should not be something we should have to suffer from any longer. There are so many newer concepts in hydration and moisturization. What exactly are the differences?

Old-school moisturizers simply layered grease on top of the skin. The skin is designed to be a barrier, and not allow grease or oils to penetrate through the surface. This is a protective mechanism for us. Newer moisturizers contain ceramides, which are naturally present within the skin, and will actually penetrate through the skin barrier, without creating a greasy film on the surface. Some of my favorite recommendations for patients are Vanicream, Cerave cream and Cetaphil cream (not lotion).

Hydrators work in conjunction with the moisturizers and your own sebum to lock in hydration, and are typically serum technologies. Many of these hydrators contain hyaluronic acid which is found naturally within our skin and has a great affinity for binding to water.

For those patients who still find themselves to be very dry despite the use of ceramide replacement moisturizers and hydrators, now is a great time to ask the question “What else is available to me?”

Skinvive by Allergan is a new long-lasting microdroplet injectable hydrator which can be placed in the face and create more radiant glowing skin for up to six months. Anyone who feels they have dry skin, fine lines, enlarged pores or have simply lost that youthful dewy glow should consider this hyaluronic acid injectable.

Another completely non-invasive, painless technology by BTL is Exion. It will stimulate collagen, elastin and hylaronic acid—this last natural hydrator by 224%. Exion combines ultrasound with radiofrequency energy and feels like a warm massage, but you are actually receiving an incredible treatment which not only hydrates but turns back the hands of time on the aging process. Exion can be used on the face or body.

As winter in Texas approaches, don’t let your skin suffer with dryness and irritation. Use these simple approaches or see your dermatologist!

Dr. Ellen Turner is practices dermatology in Dallas and Irving, Texas and is a BTL Luminary and Master Facial Aesthetic Trainer for Allergan.