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When to Enroll in Medicare

Medicare alone can cause for some major expenses when dealing with illnesses or severe medical issues.  

The two primary options to cap your exposure are either enrolling into an Advantage Plan or purchasing a Medicare Supplement insurance plan.

Which option is best depends on a couple of situations and opinions?

The first decision to make or look at is initial costs.  Can you afford the up-front premiums of a Supplement policy and drug plan?  

The second decision is attitude towards insurance and one’s own health situation.

With either decision purchasing a Medicare Supplement Policy or enrolling into an Advantage Plan you will be capping your annual medical costs.

When turning 65 you have a 7 month initial enrollment period.  It begins three months before your 65thbirthday, the month of your 65thbirthday and three months after your 65thbirthday.  If your birthday is June 15th, you can enroll into Medicare anytime starting in March, April or May with coverage beginning June 1st.  Medicare coverages always begin on the first day of the month, regardless of when you sign up or your actual birth date.  The one exception to this is if your birthday is actually onthe first day of the month, in this case your Medicare coverages can begin the month before you turn 65.  A June 1stbirthday means you are eligible to sign up for Medicare beginning in February, March or April with a May 1 start date. Call or visit AdVance Senior Options in Arlington (817) 809-4453