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What You Need to Know About Cancer, Heart Attack, and Stroke Supplemental Insurance

Cancer, heart attacks, and strokes are among the most devastating illnesses you can ever experience. Not only do they deal a major blow to your health, the financial impact they leave behind can be just as difficult to overcome.

Health insurance can provide some security, but it may not always be enough. Regular insurance just doesn’t cover many of the non-medical expenses that come along with these conditions.

This is where supplemental insurance can come in handy.

Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke by The Numbers

According to the American Cancer Society, “In the US, approximately 39 out of 100 men and 38 out of 100 women will develop cancer during their lifetime.”

The American Heart Association states that 48% of adults in the US have some sort of cardiovascular disease. This includes hypertension or high blood pressure, which can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

Although much progress has been made on treating these diseases, the statistics show that it can still happen to anyone. Those that survive their condition have a long road ahead of them—and their physical recovery is just one part of it.

Why You Should Consider Supplemental Insurance

The primary purpose of insurance is to keep your finances safe. Health insurance is there to help make treatment options more affordable and to keep medical expenses from being too much to handle. However, events such as cancer, heart attack, and stroke are simply much more expensive to address. While regular health insurance does cover a significant portion of your treatment, you still have many out-of-pocket costs to shoulder in addition to everyday expenses.

What supplemental insurance does is add another layer of protection when you experience life’s toughest challenges. I’m sure we can all agree that good health is more important than money. Being prepared allows YOU to choose the best treatment possible instead of letting the number in your bank account make the choice for you.