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Veterans and Seniors Protected Us. It’s Our Turn to Protect Them!

Did you know:

  • The Baby Boomer generation represents about 20% of the American public?

  • Today there are more than 46 million older adults age 65 and older living in the United States?

  • From now until the year 2030, each day 10,000 baby boomers with hit retirement age of 62? 

  • At the age of 65, they will automatically receive Medicare which covers basic healthcare at 80%?

  • Are the generation that want to live at home or remain in a residential setting?


United Medical Equipment Business Solutions Network, Inc. is here to offer the support, solutions and reliable information needed to make decisions in regard to the needs of our aging population. With almost 5,000 plus choices in most major cities, it makes it hard to trust or be able to make and educated decision. Choosing an Independent Living; Assisted Living; Memory Care; Long Term Care; Hospice Care/Palliative Care; Skilled Nursing care or Home Health Care can be a difficult decision. When an emergency arises with their loved one, most families need guidance and help to understand their options, what the medical needs are and the financial obligation behind the process. Fort Worth, Texas based company, United Medical Equipment Business Solutions Network, Inc. feels that families and their loved ones should not pay for the guidance and help that these transitions require. We offer FREE consultation and referral sources that will allow you to make the right decisions. To set up your free appointment please visit our website at Send us an email or call our toll free number.