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Using Electrical Stimulation For Alzheimer’s Disease

The ADvance II Study- sponsored by Functional Neuromodulation is currently seeking volunteers to participate in a clinical trial for mild Alzheimer’s disease.

With a lack of effective long-term treatments, researchers are working hard to find new and better future treatments for patients with Alzheimer’s. Advances in treatment are possible through volunteers participating in clinical research studies like ADvance II. The ADvance II Study is researching the use of a surgically implanted device that delivers mild electrical pulses to specific areas of the brain in people with Alzheimer’s. This deep brain stimulation (known as DBS) will be given to the fornix, a place in the brain that plays a central role in memory.

The ADvance II Study will initially involve about 210 people greater than or equal to 65 years of age that have been diagnosed with mild Alzheimer’s disease. The study is being conducted at sites in the U.S., Canada and Germany including The University of Texas Austin and The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. The neurosurgeons participating in this study have extensive experience with DBS surgery. All subjects in the study will have a DBS-f system implanted, with the stimulation device turned on for 2/3 of the subjects, and off for 1/3. For those with the device left off at the start of the study, they will have it turned on after 12 months.

ADvance II Study for mild Alzheimer’s disease is now enrolling patients.Study-related memory tests, physician exams and laboratory tests will be provided at no cost. Subjects will receive a stipend and be reimbursed for travel expenses associated with each study visit.

Visit:www.MildAlzheimersStudy.comto see if you qualify today!

Caution:  Investigational Device. Limited by Federal law to investigational use.