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Too Young to Fall? Don’t Fall For That...

One in four Americans age 65+ fall each year. Falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries amongst older Americans. Most of us feel too young to be a fall risk, but for most people the first indication that they are a fall risk is actually falling.


Don’t wait until an injury occurs. Act now. You may not realize it, but there are many things you can do to reduce a fall risk and be safer if/when a fall should occur. Here are five simple things you can do today.


  1. Put a chair in your shower and install a handheld showerhead. Showering while seated can minimize one of the highest fall risks of all: slipping on the wet surface. Think about it. When you shower you do things like raise your arms above your head while turning around. There’s no better way to lose your balance.


  1. Make sure your stair handrails are sturdy and functional. If your hand rail seems rickety, you’re not likely to use it for support. Nobody wants to take a fall, much less down a flight of stairs.


  1. Clear the clutter. Do you have a laundry basket, loose cords or a fan on the floor by your bedside? Getting out of bed–especially at night in the dark when you’re sleepy–is risky enough as it is. And, you get some clutter cleaning done! Win-Win.


  1. Get a good step ladder for those high shelves and cabinets. Make sure it’s sturdy, is the right height, and has non-slip feet and steps. While you’re at it, move your most frequently used items into lower storage areas and reduce the need for a step ladder.


  1. Have a plan! What happens if you do fall? Will anyone know? Invest in a fall detection and exercise wearable technology for some added ‘peace of mind’.


People of all ages use wearables everyday to monitor footsteps. MyNotifi is a colorful wrist-worn device which can notify designated family and friends if a fall occurs. It also can guide you through strength and mobility exercises, reducing the chance for a potential fall. MyNotifi is there for you. But only if and when you need it. No outside call center, no monthly fees, no landline required.


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