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Tips to Stay Safe While You Wait for Help

Falling can lead to serious injuries, loss of independence and costly medical bills. When you’re unable to get up, that “long lie” makes the situation even more dangerous. Untended injuries, dehydration, anxiety and elevated blood pressure increase risks of hospitalization, nursing home admission, and even death.

These tips will help you stay safe if you fall:

1 - Getting Up - It’s easier to rise from a kneeling position. Try to roll over and ease yourself to your hands and knees. Use a nearby piece of furniture for support.

2 - Attracting Attention - If you’re mobile, roll or crawl to a door or window. Bang and shout to attract a neighbor’s attention.

3 - Staying Well - Until help arrives, do your best to prevent further harm. Move around, if possible, to prevent pressure sores. Stay hydrated if you can, and keep yourself warm.

4 - Get MyNotifi - MyNotifi is a wearable device that automatically detects if you’ve fallen, and alerts a list of family and friends. MyNotifi is worn clipped to your belt, or on your wrist. It works automatically, so you don’t need to be conscious, mobile, or near a phone to get help. And tapping repeatedly on MyNotifi lets you request assistance any time, for any reason. It works with your smartphone, so it goes with you, wherever you go.

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