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Study Targets Bacteria in the Gut to Improve Brain Function

Approximately 80 research clinics across North America are working on the Green Memory study. Over half of these clinics, including Kerwin Medical Center of Dallas and Clinical Trials of Texas in San Antonio, are a part of GAP-Net, the Global Alzheimer’s Platform Foundation® (GAP) network.GAP-Net sites benefit from sharing knowledge and experience in order to effectively and efficiently work toward research progress in neurodegenerative conditions.


“Researchers have been working for decades to find a therapy or cure for people living with Alzheimer’s,” said GAP President John Dwyer. “The Green Memory study represents a novel and promising approach to treating mild and moderate Alzheimer’s disease.”


The Green Memory study involves a year of treatment with as few as seven clinic visits to Kerwin Medical Center, (972) 433-9100, and Clinical Trials of Texas, (210) 949-0122, and additional research visits conducted by telephone. During the treatment period, 50% of participants will receive theinvestigational medication in pill form while 50% of participants will receive a placebo (an inactive medication). Every participant may be eligible to receive the investigational medication for 26 weeks after completion of their initial year of study participation. There is no cost to participate.