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The Sensonics 8-Item Smell Test!

ACT NOW! The newly launched company, Sensametrix, is showcasing their must-have product— The 8-Item Smell Test. This easy to use product allows you to test your quality of smell with a series of eight scratch and sniff scents. 


Why choose the Sensonics 8-Item Smell Test? It is...

1.  Reliable

The series of multiple choice questions will provide consistency which ensures the quality of your results.

2.  Rapid

With this self administered test, you are able to receive results in just seconds.

3.  Credible 

The test is based upon the National Health Survey of the US Government & the UPSIT, which is the most widely employed olfactory test in the world.


Decreased smell function can put you at high risk for food poisoning, loss of food flavor, and even danger from fire or leaking gas. Minimize your potential risk today by visiting to purchase your 8-Item Smell Test.