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Natural element kills germs, prevents illness, experts say

CopperZap helps prevent colds and flu!

Fifteen years ago, medical experts were desperate to find a way to stop the spread of germs like MRSA in hospitals.

Then they discovered that a natural element, copper, turns out to be a powerful germ killer. Copper “touch surfaces,” like doorknobs and faucets, dramatically cut the rate of hospital-acquired infections in tests.

New research shows pure copper is “antimicrobial” meaning it kills microbes like bacteria and viruses by touch. Copper’s electrical conductance instantly disrupts the electrical balance of a microbe and pops holes in its cell membrane.

Tests show copper kills many different disease germs on the skin and in the nose, so it can combat colds, sinus problems, cold sores, and more.

Based on the strong scientific evidence, US company CopperZap LLC, developed a hand-held copper touch surface, called a CopperZap, for stopping colds and sinus trouble. It has a copper tip you rub very gently in your nose for 60 seconds to prevent colds, and a copper handle to kill germs on your fingers.

Tens of thousands have now tried it. Over 99% of CopperZap users reporting say copper stops colds completely if they use it in the nose at the first sign of a cold. Many also say they have stopped sinus trouble with it, too. A family with sinus trouble said, “It changed our lives!” 

Users who travel often report they have stopped getting sick after airplane flights by handling it several times throughout the day and using it in the nose before and after. One frequent flyer reported her experience after getting a CopperZap, “Sixteen flights and not a sniffle!”

CopperZaps are priced at $69.95 and can be ordered on the website,, or by calling toll-free 888-411-6114. The product carries a 90 day full money-back guarantee and it lasts forever.