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Natural Alternatives to Medicine Become More Popular


Your CBD Store Keller is the first dedicated CBD store in north Texas. The people at Your CBD Store provide cutting edge CBD products that utilize natural plant synergies; while fostering informed consumers who seek and demand transparency with the hope of regaining a quality of life.

CBD is a cannabinoid, our bodies naturally produce them, most of us just don’t produce enough. SunMed organic CBD products promote our body to produce more, in order to put our Endocannabinoid system into homeostasis. Homeostasis takes the inflammation out of our bodies.

Your CBD Store co-owner, Ralph Paul had a torn meniscus and received stem cells in his knee, which means he’s not able to take Ibuprofen, because it will kill the stem cells. It also carries a host of other side effects. Mr. Paul was advised by his orthopedic doctor about CBD oil, and how incredible it was for pain. There was no limit on how much he could take after the procedure to aid in a pain free recovery time.

Mr. Paul’s wife Carole has osteoarthritis and also needs a new knee. She wanted to try other options first, before undergoing a major surgery with a huge recovery time. Carole decided to do stem cell replacement. She had surgery to clean out the debris in her knee and repair a torn meniscus. After surgery Carole took SunMed organic CBD tincture twice daily and felt a complete release of muscle spasms and pain relief within 45 minutes!

Mr. and Mrs. Paul have seen firsthand the benefits of SunMed CBD products and together with their daughter, opened Your CBD Store Keller in September of 2018 to help bring awareness of the natural alternatives that are out there. Your CBD Store Keller sells many products such as oils, topical relief cream, products for skin care and even a CBD line for pets.

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