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Iora Primary Care: The Critical Role Listening Plays in Health Care

Thank you for listening to me.”


That simple phrase never meant as much to me before as it does to me now. I hear this daily from my patients. Often without much help from anyone, my patients have to navigate a confusing world of complicated insurances, doctor’s appointments, and confusing health lingo that no one ever explains to them. At Iora, we aim to restore humanity to healthcare, and part of how we do that is spending the time to listen to and acknowledge our patients.


It’s no secret that health care, and sometimes taking care of yourself, can be a bit complicated. As a health coach, I spend the time listening to my patients ask questions about everything from how they need to take their medications, what this thing at the cardiologist meant, why we need to do this test, and what benefits their insurance has. And I walk them through it; I explain everything and answer every question I can. My patients walk out our doors with a better understanding of how to take care of themselves and feeling heard by their doctor’s office. I never knew how often our patients felt lost and confused until I joined Iora and was able to spend the time with this often forgotten patient population.


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