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Hip Fracture Recovery Study

‘STEP-HI’ Back to a Life in Motion
To test strategies that may improve recovery after hip fracture.
Did You Know …
Up to 75% of older adult hip fracture patients n ever return to their pre-hip fracture level of daily functioning and mobility 90% will not be able to climb 5 stairs without help a year later 50% will not be able to rise from a chair without help a year later
WHAT? A 6-month rehabilitation program Individualized, flexible, supervised exercise program Application of a low-dose hormone replacement gel
All transportation provided
WHO? Women with a recent hip fractu re
Age: 65 years and older Fractured hip within the last 5 months
Visits and Exercise Sessions scheduled at your convenience.
Begins after standard physical therapy is completed to continue your recovery
During normal business hours
For more information about the study or to answer any questions you may have, contact the study coordinators or visit our website:
Rae Kretzmer
(409) 266-9493
Tutu Odej imi
(409) 266-9648