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Helping Seniors Stay Safe as Social Distancing Guidelines Ease

We’re living in an unprecedented time where social distancing is the new normal, face masks cover smiles, and six feet of separation is essential. Following guidelines for safety during this pandemic can be a challenge - especially now that mandates are easing. For those at higher risk of contraction, such as seniors, continuing to follow social distancing practices is still critical.

Maintaining day-to-day routines throughout this pandemic has been suggested by the CDC to cope with anxieties and promote mental wellbeing. Group activities may be limited or on hold, but communities are focusing their efforts to keep things as positive and lively as possible.

It’s also been encouraged to get creative while you keep yourself and loved ones safe. Try talking positively about the future, set up online communication tools to keep in touch with your loved ones, find some new hobbies and don’t forget to ask for support when needed.

When it comes to your urgent medical needs, DispatchHealth provides on-demand house calls to residents in the Houston metro area. Request care, review symptoms and help will arrive within a few hours. Extensive protocols have been put into place to ensure medical teams are taking utmost precautions when treating patients. Equipped with tools and technologies found in the ER, they can perform advanced medical tests and treatments, including testing for COVID-19. They will call in prescriptions, update your doctor and handle billing with your insurance so that you can focus on feeling better.

To learn more, contact DispatchHealth today.