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Health and Death, Who has the right to your disposition?

Did you know in the State of Texas you can exercise your right to appoint someone through an "Authorized Agent" form to handle your body after you pass away? Let's Discuss what is an Authorized Agent form you might be thinking, it is a direction (left by a decedent) while alive  prepared in writing appointing someone who shall care for their deceased body after they have passed away. Call us today to book an appointment to get this free form into your estate files. 254.401.1302 

 If one has not printed this free form and filled it out then the following persons, in the priority listed, has the right to control the disposition, including authorizing cremation, inter of the remains, and liable for the cost of disposition/interment. 

1. The person designated in a written Instrument signed by the decedent known as an Authorized Agent form. 

2. The decedent’s surviving spouse (typically proven my marriage certificate)

3. Decedent’s surviving adult children (it varies by funeral homes, if its one child, majority rules or all surviving biological children to sign for cremation authorization forms.)

4. Decedent’s surviving parent(s)

5. Any one of the decedent’s surviving adult sibling(s); (again, it varies by funeral homes, if its one sibling, majority rules, or all siblings to sign.)

6. Any one more more of the duly qualified executors or administrator of the decedent’s estate (Wills normally do not appoint someone to care for their funeral arrangements and disposition, you will need to provide this to the funeral home if you are using this as an "Authorized Agent" substitute.)

7. Any adult person in the next degree of kinship in the order named by law to inherit the estate of the decedent. (many funeral homes have various ways and methods to deal with this type of heir, speak to each of your funeral homes respectively. )

Many times we imagine everyone will come together to do the right thing. That the roots we planted into our loved ones will not wilther. I can not tell you enough how important this “Authorized Agent” form is after you pass away. Numerous times it is heartbreaking to see the glue that kept the family bonded unsticks when that person passes away, leaving the family in an unknown dried up situation. I challenge you if you haven’t done this yet or maybe you have "Congratulations", please update and take a look at your estate files. It is time to adjust, restamp, appoint and reassess. We have many free resources to take advantage of by calling 254.401.1302 or emailing for assistance youngsdaughtersfuneralhome@gmail.comRSVP for your free Wills, Living Wills, Power of Attorney, Authorized Agent form , Advance Directives Etc,

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