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Does Pain Have You Playing Musical Chairs?

Picture this: you’ve just trekked through the entire mall trying to find that perfect gift for your sweetie and all you want to do is sit down for a moment to rest and offload all the bags you’ve been carrying. You sit down and start to feel a discomfort building in the pelvis that inevitably leads to a searing pain urging you to stand back up. Some break, right? Experiencing pain when sitting could be a sign of pudendal neuralgia. 

Pudendal neuralgia is also commonly known as the ‘cyclist’s syndrome’, ‘pudendal canal syndrome’, or ‘Alcock’s syndrome.’ Pudendal neuralgia pain is caused by inflammation of the pudendal nerve. This inflammation may be caused by cycling, surgery, constipation, trauma to the tailbone, or some other musculoskeletal issue resulting in a muscular imbalance and/or pelvic misalignment. The pudendal nerve is located in the pelvis and has nerves branching to the buttocks and perineum and in severe cases it can result in genital numbness, fecal incontinence, or urinary incontinence. These are difficult topics to discuss and sometimes seeking help is the hardest step to returning to a pain free lifestyle. Physical therapy is an excellent way to start the healing process andSullivan Physical Therapy will make the recovery as comfortable as possible. For more information, visit or email