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Discussing uncomfortable topics can keep you healthy

Do you discuss confidential health challenges with your doctor and their team? The sooner you do, the sooner they can diagnose and plan a treatment course.


Ways to simplify the doctor discussion

  • Explain your full situation honestly and directly

  • Try to feel comfortable; your doctor is there to diagnose you and help you get better

  • Let doctors decide if your issues are due to “normal aging”

  • Take notes to remember any questions and help you be less nervous


Delicate health concerns to discuss during medical visits

1. Bladder and urinary challenges-- Discuss issues with holding or releasing urine or not reaching the toilet in time.

2. Hair loss-- Anyone canexperience hair loss, but excessive hair loss can be attributed to menopause, stress, medications or nutritional deficiencies.


3. Body odors-- Talk about new odors, which may indicate serious internal health issues. Also, talk about your bathroom habits, like foul-smelling stools.


4. Flatulence-- While healthy people pass gas every day, mention if excessive flatulence causes pain and bloating.


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If you or someone you know is Medicare-eligible and searching for a senior-focused primary care doctor, visitwww.SeniorFocusedHouston.comor call 832-324-2489 to find a CenterWell location. CenterWellhas 16 locations in the Houston area.