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New Trials for Alzheimer's and Heart Disease

If you have loved one at the end of Life and you are interested in helping to understand the causes of Dementia we are looking for brain donors. AVID Radiopharmaceuticals and Sante Clinical Research are conducting a study of an investigational imaging tracer to see if it can identify the build-up of tau protein; one of the causes of abnormalities seen in the brains of patients with dementia and Alzheimer's Disease. Are you 45+ and have recently suffered a heart attack? You may be eligible to participate in a clinical research study evaluting the effects of an investigational drug that may reduce the rish of future cadiac/heart events.

Eligible patients may received study-related medical care AND compensation for time and travel. Enrolling now for trials in Asthma, COPD, Type II Diabetes as well as Alzheimer's and Heart Disease. Let us help you!

We at Sante Clinical Research are in business to Improve the lives of our patients here in the Hill Country today and tomorrow.