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Brookdale Home Health is the best home health company ever

Brookdale Home Health is the best home health company ever! I have worked for other companies and they all pale in comparison.  What touches me most  about this company is how much they truly care about their clients. The company also has an incredible level of integrity which is a gem.  Let me tell you about a recent success story.  Several months ago I admitted a client who was bed bound and had multiple  hospitalizations and a lengthy rehab stay. He had had a stroke and was severely weakened from sepsis and multiple comorbidites. He was totally paralyzed on one side, unable  to turn  himself in bed and could barely feed himself.  At best, I though he had fair rehab potential and a guarded prognosis. Even the client  and family were skeptical of ever being able to walk again. Well, let me tell you about the miracle that took place... through the collaborative care of nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy and social work we were able come up with a personalized plan of care and over the course of several months I watched with amazement as little  by little he gained strength and stamina. By the end of his care, he was able to walk with his walker and self-transfer! After seeing this type of story happen over and over with other clients,  I can’t help but boast about what an awesome company Brookdale is! It would be a pleasure to serve you!