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5-Star Medicare brings peace-of-mind to your healthcare

Medicare contracts with Medicare Advantage Plans(MAPs) across the U.S. to provide traditional Medicare coverage plus additional benefits that traditional Medicare insurance does not offer. Many MAPs include the additional services at $0 monthly premiums beyond what beneficiaries already pay for Medicare Part B.

But how do you know you will receive quality healthcare from a MAP? Medicare developed the 5-Star Rating System to help beneficiaries find quality healthcare. 5-out-of-5-Starsis highest rating a MAP can achieve. 

Medicare defines quality healthcare as doing the right thing at the right time and in the right way to get the best results possible. Only MAPs demonstrating they can provide this level of care consistently receive the excellent 5-out-of-5-Stars. About 2% of MAPs in the U.S. achieve the 5-Star rating each year.

To assure plans maintain their level of care from one year to the next, Medicare evaluates all MAPsevery year on 53 measures. The measures include improving and maintaining physical and mental health and overall member satisfaction.

Then, to help beneficiaries get quality healthcare without having to wait from one Annual Enrollment Period to the next, Medicare created a Special Enrollment Period for 5-Star rated MAPs. Beneficiaries can switch to a 5-Star Medicare plan once during a calendar year. If you are looking for improved healthcare and morebenefits, see if there is a 5-Star MAP in your service area.

KelseyCare Advantage is an HMO Medicare Advantage Plan headquartered in Pearland, TX