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“the de-stressor” Mobile Massage Therapy

Sure being a person 50 and over has its benefits. 10% off food, clothing, the movies, and AARP membership! Not to mention dinner at 4:30 PM!

But who is taking care of us and our natural need to touch and be touched? Who amongst us does not love to hold a newborn baby and of course our grandchildren? Our significant other, a best friend, our pets?

I am pretty sure the Baby Boomer generation invented the “Hug” way back in the 60’s. Right? Or am I hallucinating?

So how come as we age it becomes harder to get those hugs we worked so hard to earn all our lives?

Massage therapy helps us in so many ways; it manages anxiety, improves sleep, raises alertness, and gives us better range of motion.

Healthcare costs are outrageous, but massage therapy does not have to be! With a 60 minute table massage for $35 or $15 for a 20 minute chair massage, we can do something nice for ourselves.

After all we have lived through; we deserve the benefits of a nice massage!

the de-stressor, LLC