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Protect your money and let your health plan travel with you

I just turned 65 this last April and I have been blessed to have my first grandson who is now going to be 2 years old in November. My biggest concern was to travel to see him in Tennessee, practicing with safe COVID limitations. I grew up knowing all too well about network restrictions on my health plan. What would this mean to me when I go on to original Medicare or replacing it with private insurance like a Medicare Advantage plan instead? Would I be exposed to 100% of the cost outside of an emergency because of out of network restrictions when traveling, like HMO plans? You want to protect your money, and understand associated premiums, max out-of-pocket costs, and outline of coverage for approved procedures when deciding what is the best plan for you.

I have helped many seniors over the last decade with those very same questions. It can be very confusing for most seniors. We use to say in the country … “just down right intimidating.” But it doesn’t have to be.

There are a lot of great resources put out there from CMS (Centers For Medicare & Medicaid Services) to help guide you. When it’s a right time for you to look at your options you can also reach out to Senior Educational Advocates at (817) 718-6794 if you are looking for help with your next steps to understanding Medicare. Please stay safe and have a blessed day and tomorrow.