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New website launches to help older adults access programs that reduce loneliness and inactivity

Austin, Texas- January 28, 2021–Research shows that people who stay active and engaged in their worlds live longer, healthier, happier lives but until now, finding activities geared for older adults used to mean searching through dozens of websites. Although social isolation and inactivity are not new issues, a recent study in the Journal of Nutrition Health and Aging suggests that mental and physical health of older people have been negatively affected during social distancing for COVID-19. The main mental and physical outcomes reported were anxiety, depression, poor sleep quality and physical inactivity during the isolation period. Finding healthy, engaging activities is more important than ever. 

Aging is Cool, a business focused on active aging, in partnership with Heart and Soul Care, has recently launched, A Mighty Good Time,a one-stop-shop calendar of events and interactive experiences for adults 50 and over. Featuring in-person, virtual, and phone-accessible events from a variety of hosts across the U.S., it's now easier than ever for older adults to find experiences that help them stay social, active, and engaged as they age! The site is FREE for those seeking activities.

Loneliness and inactivity have been exacerbated by our desire to stay safe during covid. Finding activities can be a challenge if you don’t know where to look,” says Amy Temperley, Owner of Aging is Cool. “A Mighty Good Time is the first site with the goal to get all of the coolest activities all in one place.”

A Mighty Good Time is free for older adults searching for activities. Event hosts from around the country can pay to post their activities on A Mighty Good Time allowing them to connect with more older adults and be more efficient with their marketing dollars.

With a variety of wellness, entertainment, educational, and creative experiences on the calendar, everyone is sure to find something that will pique their interest!

About Aging is Cool

At Aging is Cool, our goal of alleviating loneliness , encouraging community engagement, and working toward life-long learning and growth.

About Heart and Soul Care

Heart and Soul Care helps senior living communities, families, and caretakers, bring life-enriching experiences to their residents and aging loved ones, by connecting them with professionals who provide entertaining, creative, and wellness services to older adults.