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How seniors can get the best value for their healthcare dollar

Seniors can significantly maximize their healthcare dollars with a Discount Plan.

When it comes to healthcare costs, we generally think in terms of health insurance. Health insurance, whether it be private insurance or some form of government coverage, such as Medicare, are not generally the lowest cost option. In the current environment, premiums are typically pretty expensive, the policies don’t cover everything, and with high deductible and co-pays, the out-of-pocket expenses can be daunting. In addition, medicare does not cover many essential services, like dental.

Discount healthcare plans have been around for a generation and have saved millions of families billions of dollars. It just takes a small monthly fee to join and by using the network providers, saving of up to 80% can be realized on these essential services:

  • Dental

  • TeleMedicine

  • In-office Doctor visits

  • Vision

  • Imaging Services

  • Chiropractic

  • Prescription Drugs

  • Laboratory Services

  • Hearing Services, and

  • Screenings

Plans are available that may cover all of these or if desired, any one or more of them. For only a few dollars per month for the entire household, healthcare can become much more affordable.

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