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Friends of Gillespie County Country School Open House Schedule

2024 Friends of Gillespie County Country Schools Open House Schedule Nebgen School Open House, 1718 North Grape Creek Rd. Stonewall, TX Saturday,  January 27, 2024 11:00-4:00 Cave Creek School Open House, 470 Cave Creek Rd., Fredericksburg, TX  Saturday, February 10, 202411:00-4:00 Willow City School Open House, 2501 Ranch Road 1323, Willow City, Saturday, March 9, 202411:00-4:00 Pecan Creek School Open House, 3410 Pecan Creek Rd., Fredericksburg, Saturday, March 30, 202411:00-4:00 Friends of Gillespie County Country Schools, Inc. Annual BBQ Meal and Raffle/Prize Giveaway Drawing Benefit, Sunday, April 14, 2024, 10:30 a.m. Williams Creek (Albert) School, 5501 S. Ranch Road 1623, Stonewall, Saturday, May 4, 202411:00-4:00 Cherry Mountain School Open House 11:00-4:00and Annual Afternoon Auction; Evening BBQ Meal Fundraiser (4-8), Saturday, May 11, 2024 Grapetown School Open House, Saturday, June 1, 202411:00-4:00 Luckenbach School Open House, Saturday, June 1, 202411:00-4:00 Meusebach Creek School Open House, Saturday, June 1, 202411:00-4:00 Wrede School Open House, Friday, July 19, 202411:00-4:00 Cherry Spring School Open House, Saturday, September 14, 202411:00-4:00 Lower South Grape Creek School Open House and Annual Chicken BBQ Meal Benefit, Sunday, September 15, 202411:00-4:00 Crabapple School Open House, 14671 Lower Crabapple Rd., Fredericksburg, Saturday, October 12, 202411:00-4:00 Rheingold School Open House, Saturday, October 26, 202411:00-4:00   "Driving Trail, established in 2006, links 16 historic schools to Vereins Kirche, first Gillespie County School built in 1847 on Fredericksburg Market Square.  The 120-mile Trail Map directs visitors into the countryside to see one, several, or all schools.  See early school BBQ pits, outdoor pavilions, stages and stage curtains, teacherages, tin schools, and two Presidential Schools.  No two are alike. Spend an hour or the day.  Schools listed on National Register of Historic Places.  Members of Country School Association of America.  Today they function as community and learning centers, rentals for reunions, other social gatherings, and unique destination weddings." 

Saturday, February 24, 2024 - 5:00pm