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Why Choose a Reverse Mortgage or Home Equity Conversion Mortgage/HECM

As I’m sitting here writing this article about why someone would choose to do a reverse mortgage, my mind wanders back at all the folks I have been helping these past 17 years.

Yes, that’s right.

Since I first got my mortgage license in 2006, I have been exclusively working with seniors looking for ways to

extend their livelihood, social security and or retirement, just to live a better or more comfortable life. Previous to stepping into the mortgage industry, I was a realtor for 30 years in North East Tarrant County.

My background is important as this has been instrumental in my working with and teaching both Realtors and Seniors the ability of using the reverse mortgage for the intention of purchasing a new home. I am a qualified Continuing Education instructor and teach classes on a regular basis for realtors. My classes with seniors about the reverse mortgage always include this unique opportunity as a way of downsizing, rightsizing or a specific reason for a move.

Like John and Karen for example. John was single when we first did his reverse mortgage. He and Karen met, married, sold both homes and used a reverse mortgage for the purchase of a new construction home. This was done with the intention that it would be a good investment for the future when they no longer needed a big 2 story home. They were so right, just last year they sold that home, paid off that reverse, made enough profit to make a reverse purchase on another home with cash left over for future needs. This was a total win-win for this couple. They have now settled in with their 2 kitties and are enjoying their new home. 3 Reverse Mortgages, yes you can do more than one but only one at a time.

Janet and Bill lived in a beautiful home, and they wanted to pay off their outstanding mortgage using a reverse mortgage and we did just that. Unfortunately, a short time later Bill suddenly died from a heart attack and left Janet in a big home, across the city from her family. It was making it difficult to be together. Janet wanted and needed to be closer now that she was living by herself, and the house was just too much for her. Did they get lucky? A single-story, perfect and darling home came on the market in the same neighborhood as her kids. Yea, the big home sold immediately, Janet was able to pay off the existing reverse mortgage and with proceeds from the sale she could purchase the new home with another reverse mortgage. Everyone was so happy.

Did I mention how much I love helping seniors find the right solution for their specific needs.

Take Ms K, the sweetest lady ever, living in a very small 2-bedroom home with no heat. The system had gone out and she was using a little plug-in heater or 2 heaters to keep her home barely warm. With her health, she did not need to be freezing at all. Her daughter had moved in to help her but during COVID, there was no work for her either. Thank goodness we were able to help Ms K get a reverse mortgage. Since her home was paid off, there were funds available to put in a new heater system, new garage door and some extra funds in the bank for emergencies. She was so happy and got to sleep all toasty and


Over the last 17 years that I have been helping folks with reverse mortgages, there are lots of stories likethese and more. Each senior has some need at some time and if I can be there to help along the way. That is my pleasure and joy. The reverse mortgage is not a loan for everyone but for those that do want, need or simply looking for ways to extend their savings and investments, the reverse mortgage is worth checking out.

Yes, there are rules and guidelines, like being 62 or over, how much equity in the home is there to qualify. Credit does not have to be perfect but what issues occurred and why. We take the time to discuss all the aspects of what and why.

Number 1 myth. They! Who is They? They will take my home! No, the HECM loan or reverse mortgage is simply a mortgage, and the debt is paid when the last borrower has vacated the property. I will cover this in detail as it’s very important to know all the facts.

Yes, I have a reverse mortgage on my own home. I not only help seniors with reverse mortgages but I’mone as well. If you have questions, concerns, or simply want more information, I am here to discuss whatever we can do to make your life as a senior better.

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