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Unlock a Hidden Asset…

and get paid when you sell your life Insurance Policy.

Ms. Perkins, a 75-year old widow, had a $750,000 universal life policy. Because of recent life changes, she no longer needed the policy. She wanted to help fund her 3 grandchildren’s college tuition. She discovered that she could sell her life insurance policy.

Mr. Perkins sold her policy for $150,000

Mr. Johnson, a 74-year old male had a 20 year $500,000 Term Life Policy that was about to expire. He was going to let lapse until he discovered that he could sell his policy.

His policy was converted to a permanent universal life policy and sold for $75,000 which was used to purchase long-term care insurance coverage. 


If you are 65 or older and have experienced a change in health or the need for your life insurance has gone away,your policy can be a valuable asset. 

Why you may decide to sell your policy

  • You need funds to pay for medical expenses, long term care or simply to supplement your retirement income.

  • Your needs and circumstances have changed. i.e. Your children are grown, you have increased expenses, etc.

  • You simply have too much life insurance, however, you want to retain a portion of your policy.

  • Your premiums have increased, and the policy has become too expensive to maintain.

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