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Unlock a hidden asset

and get paid when you sell your life Insurance Policy. 

If you are 65 or older and have experienced a change in health or the need for your life insurance has gone away,your policy can be a valuable asset. It can be sold in the same way that you might sell your home, car, or other valuable assets. In the past the only option available for the policy holder was to surrender it back to the insurance company for the cash surrender value, or to let it lapse. A life settlement provides the policy holder another option if you decide you no longer want or need the policy.

You have the option to sell a portion or all of your unwanted, unneeded, unaffordable life insurance policy for a greater amount, maybe four times greater, than what you would receive from the insurance company should you surrender the policy back to them.

Why you may decide to sell your policy

  • You need funds to pay for medical expenses, long term care or simply to supplement your retirement income.

  • Your needs and circumstances have changed. i.e. Your children are grown, you have increased expenses, etc.

  • You simply have too much life insurance, however, you want to retain a portion of your policy.

  • Your premiums have increased, and the policy has become too expensive to maintain.

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