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Yes, No, Maybe or who cares, are some of the answers I get when talking to people but most seniors are concerned because they see how wrecklessly the Federal and Local governments are spending our money these days. Yes, we want to see covid19 defeated but the pork they add to these spending bills is totally out of control. 

We at National Associates may have an idea or two that you can put to immediate use and keep you more in control of your money. Help me out here by letting me ask you a few questions.

  1. Did you pay income taxes last year? Yes or No Some may not remember so dig out your 1040-SR and look at line 11b and you’ll have the answer.

  2. Do you know that you don’t have to take the 2020 Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)?

  3. Would you consider taking one anyway if your line 11b was zero (0) last year and you wouldn’t have to pay any taxes this year even if you take a distribution?

  4. How much could you or would you take without paying taxes?

  5. Want to know?

What a window of opportunity we have as seniors to take back control of our money for this year?

You probably haven’t heard this from your other advisors but we consider it our mission to help you gain control and protect your assets for you, your spouse and family.

We have a few other options that you can take advantage of as well. Have a good holiday season and be safe,

Thomas F. Kistner, CLU, CFP National Associates, Inc. of Texas 281-580-2540;www.debtfree4forlife.comcode 015-465