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Providing More Than Just Sales Advice

When it comes time to transition from your current home to a smaller house, apartment, or assisted-living facility, it’s a good idea to hire someone who is a Senior Real Estate Specialist ® (SRES®). Brokers or agents with this designation have the intellect as well as soft skills to handle this kind of move with care and compassion. 

Creston Inderrieden, the Broker at IndyQuest Properties, has been SRES® certified for many years. He exemplifies the innate ability of an SRES® professional to care for people in their later years of life with his patience, understanding demeanor, and desire to exceed client expectations.

Just recently, he helped an elderly couple through their selling process. Not only did he handle the transaction of the sale, but he also assisted in clearing the home, cleaning the home, and landscaping the yard well before putting the home on the market. What could have felt like an overwhelming and daunting task suddenly became an approachable process that was managed by an expert backed by a trusted team of vendors.

Creston’s aptitude to connect with older generations started well before acquiring his SRES® certification. As a child, his great grandmother lived with his family for the last 13 years of her life, solidifying his ability to listen and care for unique needs.

Regardless of his clients age or stage in life, Creston applies these skills to every transaction he is given the opportunity to manage. If you’re looking for an attentive agent that will take care of you at every stage of the selling or buying process, call Creston Inderrieden today! 713.301.4054