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Medicare Advantage Plans provide more Benefits without more Cost

For Medicare beneficiaries who want to control the cost of their healthcare, Medicare Advantage Plans(MAPs) are a good option. Medicare requires that MAPs offer all the benefits of traditional Medicare, but Medicare allows (and actually encourages) MAPsto offer more benefits (many at $0 monthly premium) than traditional Medicare.

A major cost saving benefit available at no additional cost with most MAPsis a cap on the amount of Out-of-Pocket expenses a member will pay each year. This Out-of-Pocket maximum option is not available with traditional Medicare, even if you purchase a Medigap plan that usually has a much higher monthly premium.

Below is a list of typical benefits offered by MAPs at $0 monthly premium (they will vary by MAP):

  • Prescription drug coverage (Part D) 

  • No annual medical and prescription drug deductibles

  • No or low copays/coinsurance for doctors, medical services and drugs

  • Worldwide emergency room coverage (Not covered by Medicare)

  • Gym membership (Not covered by Medicare)

  • Routine Dental coverage (Not covered by Medicare) 

  • Routine Vision coverage (Not covered by Medicare)

  • Transportation to doctors and medical services (Not covered by Medicare)

Recently, MAPs have been given the option to add home health aides, delivered meals and home-safety improvements to their list of benefits.

During the 2020 Annual Election Period, beneficiaries who want to make sure they are getting the most from their Medicare owe it to themselves to check out MAPs in their service area.

KelseyCare Advantage is an HMO Medicare Advantage Plan headquartered in Pearland, TX