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I care a lot, do you?

Netflix has been on top of releasing new movies and series for us lately, but have you seen the new Netflix original movie called “I Care A Lot?” If you have not seen it yet, you are in for a shock. 

In this new movie, Marla (played by Rosamund Pike) portrays a woman who cares for the elderly in her community. She runs a business that acts much like an “agency” to be appointed as their legal guardian. Once the judge signs the order granting the guardianship, she forces the Ward into a nursing home and liquidates all their assets to reap all the benefits of the profits.

While some may think that this is “just a movie,” and that it would not happen in real life, it can happen and has happened before. While the movie centers around Rosamund’s character becoming rich from taking advantage of the elderly, not having the proper documents in place could leave you vulnerable to be taken advantage of as well – from a stranger, or even a family member. As many people age, they tend to need a higher level of care. There have been some instances that someone is appointed the guardian of another by the court and does not fulfill their duty to serve as their guardian. To ensure you remain in control of your life instead of someone else, you need to establish the proper documents that comply with state law to let your wishes regarding your care be known. Hegwood Law Groupspecializes in not only helping families and individuals avoid guardianship, but Hegwood Law Groupalso specializes in guiding families through guardianship proceedings during what may be a tough time for your loved ones.

After all, you do not want someone else making decisions for you, right? I didn’t think so.