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Breathe Easier with a Reverse Mortgage

Meet Jeanne and Frank: reverse mortgage enthusiasts and top-tier residential realtors.

For years, this husband and wife team has been helping their clients discover zero mortgage payment joy* with the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM: aka Reverse Mortgage).

Jeanne and Frank raised three kids in their family home. A home filled with joyful memories.  A home that still suits their needs.  Although they’ve assisted many real estate clients who used reverse mortgage to purchase new homes(H4p), Jeanne and Frank want to stay put. And they plan to use a reverse mortgage to do just.

Now, just like their clients, it’s Jeanne and Frank’s turn to tap into their hard-earned equity using a reverse mortgage. They’ve worked hard and it’s time to breathe a little easier in a home they dearly love without the stress of monthly mortgage payments. *

According to financial experts, seniors in our country have accumulated between $6-8 trillion in home equity (Reasons why Baby Boomers are a Market to Watch, David Loman).  Unfortunately, most of that equity is just sitting; equity that could be used by its owners.

Seniors like Jeanne and Frank have long been acquainted with the benefits of reverse mortgage including:

  • Zero Monthly Mortgage Payment Joy *

  • Funds for medical/dental expenses and/or home improvement

  • Possible tax-free growing line of credit

  • The ability to relocate to a more desirable home or location

  • Greater Purchasing Power

For more information on your Reverse Mortgage options, please contact:

Tim Malcolm, NMLS #420505 

Reverse Mortgage Loan Originator 



909 NE Loop 410, Suite 902A 

San Antonio, TX 78209 

Cherry Creek Mortgage CO., Inc. NMLS #3001 dba 1stReverse Mortgage USA





*No more monthly mortgage payments. Borrowers must maintain the property and remain current on property taxes, homeowner’s insurance and applicable HOA dues.Scenarios described represent case studies, relate opportunities and protect client identity therefore specific likenesses and names are fictional.