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If you want rollicking heady fun, hie thee to the Winspear Opera House for SOMETHING ROTTEN!!!


I had such a good time that I did not want the curtain to fall.


With rock ‘n roll Puritans, big show production numbers, a love story, playwright competition (Will Power!! is the chant for William Shakespeare’s recitation at Shakespeare in the Park), feminist predictions that women will be equal to men by 1600, a soothsayer who almost gets it right, and many, many homages to musicals which have gone before, SOMETHING ROTTEN is erudite, naughty, funny, and sad. It covers all the bases, and with great glee.


Nick and Nigel Bottom do their best to come up with new ideas for a play funded (illegally) by Shylock, and in so doing, invent the musical, titled OMELETTE THE MUSICAL.

At this point I should tell you that the dancing omelettes and the eggs spewing yolks are two of the most hilarious things I have ever seen in the theatre. I laughed till tears came, and the rest of the audience did, too. In fact, the audience laughed most of the way through the show.


And Shakespeare seems to be a combination of David Bowie, Mick Jagger, and Orson Welles. He was terrific.


The writing is witty and clever, the dancing is well-choreographed, the singing is superb, and the characters are, well, just like us....well-meaning people, bumbling along life’s paths.


Something Rotten! is “Broadway’s big, fat hit!” (New York Post). Set in 1595, this hilarious smash tells the story of Nick and Nigel Bottom, two brothers who are desperate to write a hit play. When a local soothsayer foretells that the future of theatre involves singing, dancing and acting at the same time, Nick and Nigel set out to write the world’s very first MUSICAL!


With its heart on its ruffled sleeve and sequins in its soul, Something Rotten! is “The Producers + The Book of Mormon x The Drowsy Chaperone. Squared!” (New York Magazine).


June 13 – 25, 2017

Winspear Opera House

2403 Flora Street, Dallas, TX

Call the ATTPAC box office for tickets at 214.880.0202 or go to for more information.