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Hamilton Returns to Dallas!!

If you don’t know this history of the American Revolution, “Hamilton” is a great primer! 
Alexander Hamilton was a primary player in so many of America’s base tenets that it is hard to enumerate them all!  George Washington’s secretary; legal scholar; the first Secretary of the Treasury (he invented our first bank and credit system); founder of the Coast Guard; husband; plotter; philanderer;  prolific he was an immigrant born in the Caribbean!  And so much more.  He helped shepherd our new nation into a full-fledged republic in so many, many ways.  Alexander Hamilton was shot in a duel by Aaron Burr due to a political dispute, then died the next day.
The play “Hamilton”  does a superb job of bringing the facts to life and imbuing them with modern nuance.  Using so many current-day references and inserting wry comments along the way makes Alexander Hamilton a real person to play attendees.
And then there is the absolutely fabulous music and dance, which is indescribably articulate and moving.  I heard people singing along, and laughing at some of the lyrics (which are intended to be humorous).  Obviously it has struck such a common chord that people continue to buy tickets to see “Hamilton” multiple times.  King George might have been the crowd favorite!
The lighting, too, is mood-inducing, some with almost a dream-like quality and some scenes hot as war and high emotions.
The Dallas cast I saw last night has the moves and the music down pat!  George Washington has a voice that a General deserves!
All in all, if you can, get tickets and go to see “Hamilton”.  It is well worth the time and you will come away feeling like you have participated in a historical event.  Which, of course, you have.
At the Music Hall in Fair Park, presented by the Dallas Summer Musicals, from November 16-December 5, 2021.