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No Such Thing as a Free Lunch???

We've all heard that old saying, right???

But in this case...there is such a thing as a “Free Lunch”!

Jessica from Gifted Hands in Corpus Christi invites you to join her on Tuesday, August 1 for that free lunch.

We would love the oppurtunity to sit down and visit with Seniors, Caregivers, family members and business people with an interest in helping our Loved Ones age in place with the familiar surroundings of home! My intent is to start a Senior Care Coalition so that myself and my staff can better assist the needs of the Senior Community in our Sparkling City by the Bay!


I am a caregiver and wish to sit down and visit with you to learn what I can do as a business owner to help ease the stress of our growing Senior Population. Everyone is welcome and there will be lunch so please come and join us at Harbor Place, 5518 Lipes, Corpus Christi, Texas. We are located at Staples between Saratoga and Yorktown.



Someone you know could very well use your help.

With questions and to RSVP please contact Allyson

361-290-1576 |


Thank you and hope to see you there!!