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No longer being able to drive can make seniors feel isolated but that is not all, another challenge they have faced in the last two years has been the pandemic.

For senior adults in East Austin, Northeast Austin, Manor, Round Rock, Pflugerville and Hutto, Senior Access is the key to independence. The organization provides volunteer services that enable senior citizens to have a better quality of life.

“Senior Access seniors are being affected greatly by the ongoing pandemic. Thankfully, our volunteers are giving them a lifeline and helping them”, Senior Access Executive Director Serita Lacasse said. “When we have someone volunteer to drive or visit our seniors, they not only help a senior feel connected and independent but it gives them positive emotional rewards”.

Senior Access clients were at some point in their lives busy people with jobs and their families and now they need assistance to remain independent.

“Every time I do a ride for one of my clients, I feel better, ‘’ says Lacasse. “My secret to staying happy and reducing stress is giving back to others through volunteering”

Volunteers are crucial at Senior Access impacting the lives of many seniors in different ways including physically, emotionally and mentally. Sherrie Rose, Outreach Director with Senior Access says volunteers bring a lot of heart to what they do.

“What many people don’t realize is what the volunteers get in return”. “One of our volunteers tells me this: “I volunteer because I get more than I give,

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