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How will you know what the family wants you to wear while celebrating a funeral service

Funerals are a way for the living to show respect for the deceased and bring unity to the group in the celebration or homegoing. Dressing for such an occasion is often one of the most important elements of funeral etiquette, and all attendees should know what to wear to meet the needs of the occasion in a tasteful manner. 

Keeping it Simple

In previous years it was common to just wear black or your sunday best. Now families will wear things made in unity to include bracelets, shirts, shoes, socks, ties, etc to bring the group of grievers together. Key takeaway here is to know if it's black slacks/skirts or blue jeans. Pallbearers will usually be addressed via a group text message from the family or the lead funeral director for your family. Obituaries are sometimes written in a way to express to the guests what to wear also. Check the online obituaries for more information that the local newspapers won't print.


Previously Black was a standard color for mourning, and was always the safest choice. However, neutral, darker colors are generally acceptable depending on the nature of the service. Men will typically wear black suits, black dress shoes and a white dress shirt adorned with a neutral tie or unified colors. Women have the option to wear black dresses, as well as sensible, dark blouses and pants. Formal black shoes are standard for women attending funerals. Now families will celebrate with special colors which have meaning, maybe pink for breast cancer or blue for Dallas Cowboys. Having these special colors displayed brings togetherness and a healing contribution.


It is imperative for all guests to make sure their outfits are clean and pressed for a respectful presentation. Carefully select all pieces and have them dry cleaned for a crisp and conservative appearance. Maybe pre-printed and designed with the right fitting. Ensuring all pieces are able to be preserved if it is a meant to be a keepsake.  


It can be difficult to plan funeral services around the weather, which can present some clothing challenges for attendees—especially those at a graveside burial. When needing to add coats and jackets—in rainy or cold weather—remember to keep a reserved appearance that is still comfortable. Low wide heels and flat shoes are always best for outside. In hotter temperatures, guests should stray from revealing too much and opt for clothing that is made from lighter fabrics. Closed toed shoes are best since fire ants in untreated grasses can be a nuisance. At Young's Daughters we furnish umbrellas for rain and sun protection, our caskets are also protected with a weather vinyl covering. We offer heated elements to the tent for the winter months. Ensuring our guests are protected throughout the year . Our staff is trained or weather and first aid emergencies.  Call us today to preplan 254.401.1302 or check our obituaries for appropriate attire